Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 3:13 - 3:13

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 3:13 - 3:13

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Christ, who now was about thirty years of age, Luk_3:23, cometh from Nazareth, a city in Galilee, where Joseph lived, Luk_2:4, and whither he went with, Joseph and Mary, Luk_2:39, and again after he had disputed with the doctors at twelve years of age, Luk_2:46; cometh from thence to Jordan, the great river, where John was baptizing disciples, offering himself to be baptized of him. He showed his humility by going to him, and also made the action public. If any ask to what end Christ, who had no sin, was baptized, himself gives us an account, Mat_3:15, to fulfil all righteousness (of which more in its place). He thus owned John’s ministry and mission to baptize, and confirmed the institution of baptism by water, and offered himself to that testimony which he knew his Father would give of him. He thus initiated himself in the Christian church, as by circumcision he had made himself of the Jewish church, and so was the Head both of the believing Jews and Gentiles. He was not (as others) baptized in testimony of his repentance, or for the remission of sins, for he was without sin.