Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 7:1 - 7:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 7:1 - 7:1

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Mat_7:1-5 Christ proceedeth in his sermon to condemn rash judgment,

Mat_7:6 forbiddeth the prostitution of holy things,

Mat_7:7-12 recommends prayer,

Mat_7:13-14 exhorteth to enter in at the strait gate,

Mat_7:15-20 to beware of false prophets, who may be known by their


Mat_7:21-23 and not to be his disciples in profession only, but in


Mat_7:24-27 He compares doers of the word to houses built on a

rock, those that are hearers only to houses built on

the sand.

Mat_7:28-29 Christ endeth his sermon; the people are astonished at

his doctrine.

See Poole on "Mat_7:2".