Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 8:20 - 8:20

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 8:20 - 8:20

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Ver. 19,20. We have the same story in Luk_9:57,58; only Luke saith it was as they went in the way; and saith, a certain man thus said unto him. Matthew more particularly describeth the man from his office, or ordinary employment. Both agree in what he said to our Saviour,

Master, ( so they usually called their teachers, to whose conduct they gave up themselves),

I will follow thee, that is, I am resolved or I am ready to follow thee,

whithersoever thou goest. Thus men often take up sudden resolutions to walk with God, and to be his servants, upon sinister accounts, and before they have well considered what they are like to meet withal who own themselves the disciples of Christ. Our Saviour, knowing his heart, and that this resolution was either bottomed in his curiosity to see his miracles, or in a hope of some livelihood from him, fits him with an answer, letting him know what difficulties those that followed him must look to meet with.

The foxes have holes, &c. Alas! thou dost not know what it is to follow me; my external condition is worse than that of the birds of the air, they have fixed nests, or the beasts of the earth, the worst of them have holes, but I have no fixed habitation on earth. He both here and in many other texts calls himself

the Son of man, ( a name never, that we read of, given to him but by himself), to declare the truth of his human nature, and that he had a natural compassion for men; that he was a child born, a son given to us, Isa_9:6; the person prophesied of as the Messias. Dan_7:13; the person mentioned who was to have all things put under his feet, Psa_8:6 1Co_15:27 Heb_2:8.