Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:1 - 9:1

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:1 - 9:1

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Mat_9:1-8 Christ cures one sick of the palsy,

Mat_9:9 calleth Matthew from the receipt of custom,

Mat_9:10-13 justifieth himself for eating with publicans and sinners,

Mat_9:14-17 and his disciples for not fasting.

Mat_9:18,19 is entreated by a ruler to go and heal his daughter,

Mat_9:20-22 healeth by the way a woman of an inveterate issue of blood,

Mat_9:23-26 raiseth to life the ruler’s daughter,

Mat_9:27-31 giveth sight to two blind men,

Mat_9:32-35 healeth a dumb man possessed of a devil,

Mat_9:36-38 hath compassion on the multitudes, and teacheth his

disciples to pray that God would send forth labourers

into his harvest.

Whether the same ship he came in or no it is not material: he

passed over the lake of Gennesaret,

and came into his own city; not Bethlehem, in which he was born, but either Nazareth, where he was brought up, or (which most judge) Capernaum, whither, leaving Nazareth, he went formerly to dwell, Mat_4:13, whither he is said to have entered, Mar_2:1; this was upon the seacoast of Zebulun and Naphtali, Mat_4:13.