Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:10 - 9:10

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:10 - 9:10

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Luke saith that Levi made him a great feast in his own house: and there was a great company of publicans and of others that sat down with them, Luk_5:29. Mark saith, there were many, and they followed him, Mar_2:15. Matthew, touched with the sense of the free and infinite love of Christ to him, maketh Christ a feast: this speaketh him a man of some estate: he invites many to dine with him, some of them publicans, some noted sinners. He designs good undoubtedly to such as had been his former companions, that they might also see the Lord, and be brought to follow him. Grace teacheth a man to study the conversion of others, and never dwelleth in a narrow soul, nor studieth its concealment from others.