Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:33 - 9:33

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Matthew 9:33 - 9:33

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Ver. 32,33. Some think this the same mentioned Luk_11:14, as shortly as it is here. The word in the Greek signifies deaf as well as dumb, for all persons who are deaf from their birth are also dumb. But it is probable this man was only accidentally dumb, from the power of the devil, that had possessed him, and suppressed his speech. It is observed that Christ cured,

1. Some that came on their own accord to him, as the woman with her bloody flux.

2. Others that could not come, but were brought to him, as the paralytic, before mentioned in this chapter, who was willingly brought.

3. Others who neither came nor were willingly brought, but he occasionally met, Luk_7:12 Joh_5:5 9:1.

4. Others that were brought without their consent, as the demoniac before mentioned, and this in this verse.

His design was, by these operations, to show himself the Son of God, and therefore did not always stay for people’s voluntarily offering him occasions, but sometimes took them when they were not voluntarily offered, to show the freeness of his grace.