Matthew Poole Commentary - Obediah 1:8 - 1:8

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Matthew Poole Commentary - Obediah 1:8 - 1:8

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Shall I not? this interrogation is a strong assertion, I certainly will.

In that day, of war and desolation of Edom, when Nebuchadnezzar with his armies shall invade Idumea.

Destroy; either by war or sicknesses take the wise men out of Edom, they shall die; or deprive them of places of trust where they might help to save Edom; or else turn their wisdom into foolishness, as Ahithophel’s was.

The wise men; men of sound counsel and good conduct in the affairs of peace and war.

And understanding out of the mount of Esau; an elegant ingemination for illustrating and confirming the prediction. All Edom shall miserably perish, not a wise man left to foresee and prevent it.