John Calvin Complete Commentary - 1 Timothy 4:15 - 4:15

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - 1 Timothy 4:15 - 4:15

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15Take heed to these things (81) The greater the difficulty in faithfully discharging the ministry of the Church, so much the more ought a pastor to apply himself earnestly, and with his whole might; and that not only for a short time, but with unfailing perseverance. (82) Paul therefore reminds Timothy that this work leaves no room for indolence, or for slackening his labors, but demands the utmost industry and constant application.

That thy profiting may be manifest By adding these words, he means, that he ought to labor to this purpose, that by his agency the edification of the Church may be more and more advanced, and that corresponding results may be visible; for it is not the work of a single day, and therefore he should strive to make daily progress. Some refer this to Timothy, that he may profit more and more; but I choose rather to interpret it as referring to the effect of his ministry.

The Greek words , ἐν πᾶσιν may either be translated, to all men, or, in all things. There will thus be a twofold meaning; either, “ all may see the progress which springs from his labors” or, “ in all respects, or in every possible way, (which is the same thing,) they may be visible.” I prefer the latter view.

(81) Ταῦτα μελέτα, meaning, ‘ thyself in these things, make them thy perpetual care and study;’ both this and the next phrase, ( ἐν τούτοις ἴσθι,) being, in the best writers, used of diligent attention.” Bloomfield.

(82) “Mais perseverant jusqu’ bout.” — “ persevering till the end.”