John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 10:37 - 10:37

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 10:37 - 10:37

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37.If I do not the works Lest the Jews might reply that it was in vain for him to boast ofsanctification, and of all that depended on it, he again draws their attention to his miracles, in which there was a sufficiently evident proof of his Divinity. This is in the shape of a concession, as if he had said, “ do not wish you to be bound to give me credit on any other condition than that you see the fact plainly before your eyes. (303) You may safely reject me, if God has not openly given testimony to me.”

The works of my Father. He gives them this name, because those works were truly Divine, and because so great power shone in them, that they could not be ascribed to a man.

(303) “Sinon que vous voyez le faict evident devant vos yeux.”