John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 11:2 - 11:2

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 11:2 - 11:2

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2.It was that Mary who anointed the Lord. It is a similar display of ignorance, to imagine that this Mary, the sister of Lazarus, was that woman of wicked and infamous life, who is mentioned by Luke, (Luk_7:37.) This mistake was occasioned by the anointing; as if it were not evident enough that Christ was anointed on various occasions, and even at different places. The woman who was a sinner, of whom Luke gives an account, anointed Christ at Jerusalem, where he dwelt; but Mary afterwards anointed him at Bethany, which was her own village. The past tense employed by the Evangelist, who anointed, must be referred, not to the time of the occurrence which he is now relating, but to the time when he wrote; as if he had said, “ was this Mary who afterwards poured on the head of Christ the ointment, on account of which a murmuring arose among the disciples,” (Mat_26:7.)