John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 15:23 - 15:23

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 15:23 - 15:23

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23.He who hateth me hateth my Father also. This is a remarkable passage, which teaches us that no man can hate the doctrine of the Gospel without manifesting his impiety against God. There are many, indeed, who profess differently in words; for, though they abhor the Gospel, still they wish to be thought very good servants of God; but it is false, for a contempt of God is concealed within. In this manner Christ discovers the hypocrisy of many by the light of his doctrine; and on this subject we have spoken more largely under that passage,

Whosoever doeth what is evil hateth the light (89) (Joh_3:20,)

and under that passage,

He who honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father, (90)


(89) See vol. 1, p. 128.

(90) See vol. 1, p. 199.