John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 18:24 - 18:24

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 18:24 - 18:24

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24.Now Annas had sent him bound. This sentence must be read by way of parenthesis; for, having said that Christ was taken to the house of Annas, and having continued his narrative, as if the assembly of the priests had been held there, the Evangelist now reminds the reader that Christ was taken from the house of Annas to the high priest’ house. But as the tense of the Greek verb ἀπέστειλε has led many people into a mistake, I have preferred translating it by the pluperfect tense, Had sent. (141)

(141) “J’ mieux aime tourner en ceste sorte, Avoit envoye; que, I1 a envoy;“ — “ have chosen to render it in this way, Annas Had Sent, rather than, Annas Sent.”