John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 19:17 - 19:17

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 19:17 - 19:17

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17.He went forth to a place. The circumstances which are here related contribute greatly, not only to show the truth of the narrative, but likewise to build up our faith. We must look for righteousness through the satisfaction made by Christ. To prove that he is the sacrifice for our sins, he wished both to be led out of the city, and to be hanged on a tree; for the custom was, in compliance with the injunction of the Law, that the sacrifices, the blood of which was shed for sin, were carried out of the camp, (Lev_6:30;) and the same Law declares that

he who hangeth on a tree is accursed,


Both were fulfilled in Christ, that we might be fully convinced that atonement has been made for our sins by the sacrifice of his death; that

he was made subject to the curse, in order that he might redeem us from the curse of the law,



he was made sin, in order that we might be the righteousness of God in him,


that he was led out of the city, in order that he might carry with him, and take away, our defilements which were laid on him, (Heb_12:12.) To the same purpose is the statement about the robbers, which immediately follows: —