John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 20:25 - 20:25

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 20:25 - 20:25

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25.Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails. This points out the source of the vice to be, that every one wishes to be wise from his own understanding, and flatters himself beyond measure. If I do not see, says he, “ if I do not touch, I will not believe. (214) These words have no approach to faith, but it is what may be called a sensual judgment, by which I mean, a judgment which is founded on the perception of the senses, (215) The same thing happens to all who are so devoted to themselves (216) that they leave no room for the word of God. It is of no consequence, whether you read the place, or the shape, or The Print of the nails; for transcribers may have exchanged τύπον (print) for τόπον, (place,) or τόπον (place)for τύπον, (print;) but the meaning is not altered on that account. Let the reader, therefore, choose which of them he shall prefer. (217)

(214)Si je ne voy point, dit il, et si je ne touche, je ne croirai point.”

(215) “C’ a dire, qui est fonde sur l’ des sens.”

(216) Qui sont tellement adonnez a leur propre sens.”

(217) Car les deux mots Grecs ne sont point differens qu’ une lettre, et il est aisc de prendre Pun pour l’;for the two Greek words differ only in a single letter, and one of them might easily be taken for the other.”