John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 21:22 - 21:22

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 21:22 - 21:22

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22.If I will that he remain. It has been customary to take this sentence as detached, and to read the former clause affirmatively, I will that he tarry till I come; but this has been done through the ignorance of transcribers, not through the mistake of the translator; for he could not have been mistaken about the Greek word, but a single letter might easily creep into the Latin version, so as to alter the whole meaning. (237) The whole sentence, therefore, is a question, and ought to be read in immediate connection; for Christ intended to put his hand on his disciple, in order to keep him within the limits of his calling. “ is no concern of yours,” says he, “ you have no right to inquire what becomes of your companion; leave that to my disposal; think only about yourself, and prepare to follow where you are called.” Not that all anxiety about brethren is uncalled for but it ought to have some limit, so that it may be anxiety, and not curiosity, that occupies our attention. Let every man, therefore, look to his neighbours, if by any means he may succeed in drawing them along with him to Christ, and let not the offenses of others retard his own progress.

(237) Calvin here throws out a conjecture, that the clause originally stood in the Vulgate, SI eum volo manere and that by the addition of” a single letter” to the first word of the clause, some ignorant transcriber altered it to SIC eum rolo manere He declares it to be impossible that the word Sic should have found its way into the verse in any other manner, because the translator could not mistake the meaning of “ Greek word” ἐάν — Ed.