John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 4:46 - 4:46

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 4:46 - 4:46

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46.And there was a certain courtier. This is a more correct rendering, though Erasmus thinks differently, who has translated βασιλικός by a Latin word, Regulus, which means a little king. (89) I acknowledge indeed that, at that time, they gave the name of Reguli (or, little kings) to those who are now called Dukes, or Barons, or Earls; but the state of Galilee at that time was such that there could be no person of that rank dwelling in Capernaum. I think that he was some nobleman (90) of the court of Herod; for there is some plausibility in the opinion of those who think that he was sent by Caesar. (91) This is expressly mentioned by the Evangelist, because the rank of this personage made the miracle the more illustrious.

(89) “Lequel l’ traduit par un mot Latin Regulus, qui signifie un petit Roy.”

(90) “Quelque gentil-homme.”

(91) “Par l’;” — “ the Emperor.”