John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 7:3 - 7:3

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 7:3 - 7:3

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3.His brethren therefore said to him. Under the word brethren the Hebrews include all cousins and other relations, whatever may be the degree of affinity. He says that they mocked at Christ, because he shunned to be seen or known, and concealed himself in a mean and despised district of Judea. There is reason to doubt, however, if they were excited by ambition to desire that Christ should obtain celebrity. But granting this, still it is evident that they ridicule him, because they do not think that his conduct is rational and judicious; and they even upbraid him with folly, because, while he wishes to be something, he wants confidence in himself, and does not venture to appear openly before men. When they say,that thy disciples also may see, they mean not only his domestics, but all those whom he wished to procure out of the whole nation; for they add, “ wishest to be known by all, and yet thou concealest thyself.”