John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 7:9 - 7:9

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 7:9 - 7:9

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9.He remained in Galilee. The Evangelist here places before our eyes the cousins of our Lord Jesus Christ, (182) who, in compliance with ordinary customs, pretend to worship God, but yet are on friendly terms with unbelievers, and therefore walk without any alarm. On the other hand, he places before our eyes Christ himself, who hated by the world, comes secretly into the city, till the necessity arising out of his office compels him to show himself openly. But if there be nothing more wretched than to be separated from Christ, accursed be that peace which costs so high a price as to leave and abandon the Son of God. (183)

(182) “Les cousins de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ.”

(183) “De quitter et renoncer le Fils de Dieu.”