John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 8:20 - 8:20

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 8:20 - 8:20

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20.These words spoke Jesus in the treasury. The treasury was a part of the temple where the sacred offerings were laid up. It was a much frequented place, and hence we infer that this sermon was delivered by Christ amidst a large assembly of men, so that the people had less excuse. The Evangelist likewise holds out to us the astonishing power of God in this respect, that they were constrained to endure Christ openly teaching in the temple, though but lately they sought to seize him, and put him to death. For since they held an undisputed sway in the temple, so that they ruled there with the fierceness of tyrants, they might have banished Christ from it by a single word. And when he ventured to take upon himself the office of a teacher, why do they not instantly lay violent hands on him? We see then that God caused men to hear him, and guarded him by his protection, so that those savage beasts did not touch him, though they had their throats opened to swallow him. (221) The Evangelist again mentions his hour, that we may learn that it is not by the will of men, but by the will of God, that we live and die.

(221) “Combien qu’ eussent leurs gueules ouvertes pour l’.”