John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 8:57 - 8:57

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 8:57 - 8:57

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57.Thou art not yet fifty years old. They endeavor to refute Christ’ saying, by showing that he had asserted what was impossible, when he who was not yet fifty years of age makes himself equal to Abraham, who died many centuries before. Though Christ was not yet thirty-four years of age, yet they allow him to be somewhat older, that they may not appear to be too rigid and exact in dealing with him; as if they had said, “ certainly wilt not make thyself so old, though thou wert to boast that thou art already fifty years of age. ” Consequently, those who conjecture that he looked older than he actually was, or that the years mentioned in this passage are not solar years, in either case labor to no purpose. The notion of Papias, who says that Christ lived more than forty years, cannot at all be admitted.