John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 9:38 - 9:38

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - John 9:38 - 9:38

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38.And he worshipped him. It may be asked, Did the blind man honor or worship Christ as God? (275) The word which the Evangelist employs ( προσέκυνησει) means nothing more than to express respect and homage by bending the knee, or by other signs. For my own part, certainly, I think that it denotes something rare and uncommon; namely, that the blind man gave far more honor to Christ than to an ordinary man, or even to a prophet. And yet I do not think that at that time he had made such progress as to know that Christ was God manifested in the flesh. What then is meant by worship ? The blind man, convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, nearly lost the command of himself, and, in rapturous admiration, bowed down before him.

(275) “Si l’ a honore ou adore Christ comme Dieu.”