John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 1:14 - 1:14

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 1:14 - 1:14

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14Many of the brethren. By this instance we are taught that the tortures of the saints, endured by them in behalf of the gospel, are a ground of confidence (65) to us. It were indeed a dreadful spectacle, and such as might tend rather to dishearten us, did we see nothing but the cruelty and rage of the persecutors. When, however, we see at the same time the hand of the Lord, which makes his people unconquerable, (66) under the infirmity of the Cross, and causes them to triumph, relying upon this, (67) we ought to venture farther than we had been accustomed, having now a pledge of our victory in the persons of our brethren. The knowledge of this ought to overcome our fears, that we may speak boldly in the midst of dangers.

(65) “Confiance et asseurance;” — “ and assurance.”

(66) “Courageux et inuincibles;” — “ and unconquerable.”

(67) “Estans assuerez sur ceste main et puissance du Seigneur;” — “ relying upon this hand and power of the Lord.”