John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 2:18 - 2:18

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 2:18 - 2:18

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18Rejoice ye. By the alacrity which he thus discovers, he encourages the Philippians, and enkindles in them a desire to meet death with firmness, (142) inasmuch as believers suffer no harm from it. For he has formerly taught them that death would be gain to himself, (Phi_1:21;) here, on the other hand, he is chiefly concerned that his death may not disconcert the Philippians. (143) He, accordingly, declares that it is no ground of sorrow; nay, that they have occasion of joy, inasmuch as they will find it to be productive of advantage. For, although it was in itself a serious loss to be deprived of such a teacher, it was no slight compensation that the gospel was confirmed by his blood. In the mean time, he lets them know that to himself personally death would be matter of joy. The rendering of Erasmus, taking it in the present tense, Ye rejoice, is altogether unsuitable.

(142) “Les enflambe a mourir constamment, et receuoir la mort d’ cœ magnanime;” — “ them to die with firmness, and meet death with magnanimity.”

(143) “Que sa mort ne trouble et estonne les Philippians;” — “ his death may not distress and alarm the Philippians.”