John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 4:17 - 4:17

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 4:17 - 4:17

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17.Not that I demand a gift. Again he repels an unfavourable opinion that might be formed of immoderate cupidity, that they might not suppose that it was an indirect hint, (252) as if they ought singly to stand in the room of all, (253) and as if he abused their kindness. He accordingly declares, that he consulted not so much his own advantage as theirs. “ I receive from you,” says he, is proportionably much advantage that redounds to yourselves; for there are just so many articles that you may reckon to have been transferred to the table of accounts.” The meaning of this word (254) is connected with the similitude formerly employed of exchange or compensation in pecuniary matters.

(252)Pour les induire a continuer;” — “ induce them to hold on.”

(253) “Comme si eux deussent tenir la place de tous, et faire pour les autres;” — “ if they ought to hold the place of all, and to act in the room of others.”

(254) Calvin evidently refers to the word λόγον, (account,) which the Apostle had made use of in Phi_4:15, in the phrase εἰς λόγον δόσεω καὶ λήψεω, (in the matter of giving and receiving.) It is noticed by Beza, that the Rabbins make use of a corresponding phrase אשמו ןחמ (mattan umassa) giving and taking. Ed.