John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 4:2 - 4:2

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John Calvin Complete Commentary - Philippians 4:2 - 4:2

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2.I exhort Euodias and Syntyche It is an almost universally received opinion that Paul was desirous to settle a quarrel, I know not of what sort, between those two women. While I am not inclined to contend as to this, the words of Paul do not afford ground enough for such a conjecture to satisfy us that it really was so. It appears, from the testimony which he gives in their favor, that they were very excellent women; for he assigns to them so much honor as to call them fellow-soldiers in the gospel (211). Hence, as their agreement was a matter of great moment (212), and, on the other hand, there would be great danger attendant on their disagreement, he stirs them up particularly to concord.

We must take notice, however, that, whenever he speaks of agreement, he adds also the bond of it—in the Lord. For every combination will inevitably be accursed, if apart from the Lord, and, on the other hand, nothing is so disjoined, but that it ought to be reunited in Christ.

(211) 1l les appelle ses compagnes de guerre, d’ qu’ ont batail1e auec luy en l’;” — “ calls them his companions in war, inasmuch as they had struggled hard with him in the gospel.”

(212) C’ une chose grandement requise et necessaire qu’ fussent d’ consentement;” — “ was a thing greatly requisite and necessary that they should be in a state of agreement.”