William Burkitt Notes and Observations - 2 Corinthians 11:30 - 11:30

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William Burkitt Notes and Observations - 2 Corinthians 11:30 - 11:30

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By infirmities here, we are to understand sufferings, reproaches, and disgraces, afflictions and persecutions, for the sake of the gospel.

Where note, That the apostle chose rather to glory in what Christ had enabled him to suffer, than what he enabled him to do for him; he had wrought divers tongues, had done very great and eminent services for Christ; but not a word of these, because these indeed were evidences of the power of God in him, and of the favour of God towards him, but no demonstrations of any inherent grace or goodness in him; whereas his patient bearing of such sharp, long, and continual undeniable proofs of extraordinary measures of faith, and patience, of holy self-denial, and eminent love to God, and consequently were a truer and greater cause of boasting than extraordinary gifts and miraculous operations.