William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 1:15 - 1:15

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William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 1:15 - 1:15

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Here our apostle intimates what those Jewish traditions and fables were, which those judaizing doctors and false teachers would intrude and impose upon persons at that time, namely, pretences that men were defiled by eating things unclean, by not observing their days, and keeping other ceremonial rites: but says the apostle, To the pure all things are pure; that is, to believers who are sanctified by the Christian faith,and purified from sin and guilt, all meats, and days, and things of this nature, are clean and lawful, and may without sin be used, every creature being sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

Here note, The honourable title which a gracious and merciful God puts upon good men, notwithstanding they have much impurity and sin inhering in them, and many sinful weaknesses and infirmities cleaving to them, yet God calls them pure; Unto the pure, & c. They are now initially so, and shall ere long be perfectly so.

Note, 2. A privilege purchased for them by the blood of Christ, and that is the lawful liberty and use of meats, &c. under the gospel, which were prohibited by, and forbidden under, the ceremonial law: Unto the pure, all things are now pure.

Mark, he doth not say, to the defiled all things are unclean, but, nothing is pure; they pollute all they touch. To an unsanctified man nothing is sanctified; whatever he does is unclean, either in the matter, in the manner, or in the end, of his doing it; and the reason follows, because their mind and conscience are defiled. No wonder the streams are polluted, when the fountains are poisoned. The mind and conscience are defiled, partly by blindness, partly by stupidity and senselessness.