William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 3:12 - 3:12

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William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 3:12 - 3:12

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Our apostle having finished all such common precepts as respected the whole church in Crete, he now passeth to such private affairs as did more particularly respect the person of Titus and himself.

First, he desires Titus to come to him to Nicopolis from Crete, but not before he had sent thither Artemas of Tychicus to officiate in his place. Wonderful care of the holy apostle! and a mighty concern for the welfare of the churches! St. Paul very well knew how fatal and dangerous it might be to the churches to be left destitute of their spiritual guides, though for a very small time. St. Paul knew the malice of the devil, the subtility of seducers, and the weakness of Christians' faith, too well, to give all or any of them advantages of doing mischief on the absence of Titus from them.