William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 3:14 - 3:14

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William Burkitt Notes and Observations - Titus 3:14 - 3:14

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Let ours, that is, either,

1. Those of our order, the ministers of the gospel, or

2. those that are our converts, such as are Christians,

let them study to excel in good works, be diligent in the labours of their calling, that they may have wherewith to supply the necessities of others, to the intent that they may not appear unfruitful.

Learn hence, That as Christianity is no barren and fruitless profession, but all persons professing religion ought to take care that good works may accompany their faith; so the ministers of Christ in special ought to be careful herein, and by no means to bind that duty upon others, which they do not practise themselves; they must by charity and good works second their doctrine, and so win persons to a love of religion.