Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Isaiah

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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Isaiah

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Isa_1:3 — The Unnatural Children

Isa_1:17 — Learning to do Well

Isa_1:18 — Reasoning with God

Isa_2:4 — The Transformation of the Sword

Isa_6:1-8 — The Making of a Missionary

Isa_9:6 — The Gift of a Son

Isa_11:6 — The Child as Leader

Isa_12:3 — The Wells of Salvation

Isa_21:11-12 — What of the Night?

Isa_32:2 — In the Desert

Isa_33:17 — The King and the Country

Isa_40:3 — The Forerunner

Isa_40:31 — God’s Waiting Ones

Isa_42:2-3 — The Bruised Reed and the Smoking Flax

Isa_53:3 — A Man of Sorrows

Isa_53:5 — Vicarious Healing

Isa_53:6 — Our Sin-bearer

Isa_55:1-2 — The Poor Man’s Market

Isa_55:7 — Abundant Pardon

Isa_55:8-9 — The Highest is the Most Forgiving

Isa_57:15 — God’s Double Dwelling-Place

Isa_60:1 — Arise! Shine!

Isa_61:1 — The Lord’s Sermon

Isa_62:6-7 — The Lord’s Remembrancers

Isa_63:9 — The Angel of His Presence