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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - John

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Verse Commentaries:


Joh_1:1 — The Word

Joh_1:14 — The Incarnation of the Word

Joh_1:29 — The Lamb of God

Joh_1:40-42 — Personal Service

Joh_2:11 — The First Sign

Joh_3:5 — A New Beginning

Joh_3:16 — The Amazing Gift of Love

Joh_4:13-14 — No More Thirst

Joh_4:24 — True Worship

Joh_6:37 — Christ’s Doctrine of Election

Joh_6:68 — To Whom shall We go?

Joh_7:17 — The Will to Know

Joh_7:37 — Living Water

Joh_8:12 — The Light of the World

Joh_8:32; Joh_8:36 — Truth and Freedom

Joh_8:46 — The Sinlessness of Christ

Joh_9:4 — A Time to Work

Joh_10:10 — The Greatest Thing in the World

Joh_10:11 — The Good Shepherd

Joh_11:25-26 — The Resurrection and the Life

Joh_11:35 — The Tears of Jesus

Joh_12:24 — Fruitfulness through Death

Joh_13:1 — The Love of Jesus for His Own

Joh_13:10 — Regeneration and Renewal

Joh_13:34 — The New Commandment

Joh_14:1 — The Secret of the Untroubled Heart

Joh_14:2 — The House of Many Mansions

Joh_14:2 — The Reliability of this Redeemer

Joh_14:2-3 — The Preparation and the Reception

Joh_14:6 — The Way, the Truth, the Life

Joh_14:15-17 — The Giving of the Comforter

Joh_14:23 — Where He Delights to Dwell

Joh_14:27 — Christ’s Gift of Peace

Joh_15:1-2 — The True Vine

Joh_16:7 — An Expedient Departure

Joh_16:8-11 — The Spirit and the World

Joh_16:23 — The Day of Knowledge and Power

Joh_17:3 — Life in the Knowledge of God

Joh_17:15 — Environment and Character

Joh_17:19 — The Master’s Consecration

Joh_18:37-38 — The Kingdom of Truth

Joh_20:19-20 — The Saviour’s Easter Greeting

Joh_20:21 — Christ’s Mission and Ours

Joh_20:28 — My Lord and My God

Joh_20:29 — Believing Without Seeing

Joh_20:30-31 — The Chief Purpose of the Gospel

Joh_21:15-17 — Love and Service

Joh_21:22 — The Individuality of Duty