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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Luke

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Luk_2:7 — No Room

Luk_2:10-11 — Good Tidings of Great Joy

Luk_2:13-14 — The Song of the Heavenly Host

Luk_2:34-35 — A Touchstone of Character

Luk_2:40 — The Growth of the Child Jesus

Luk_2:49 (R.V.) — Always at Home

Luk_2:49 (A.V.) — Always at Work

Luk_3:21-22 — The Baptism of Jesus

Luk_4:12-13 — Prayer and Choice

Luk_7:50 — Forgiveness

Luk_10:37 — The Good Samaritan

Luk_10:42 — The One Thing Needful

Luk_11:13 — The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Luk_12:15 — A Man’s True Life

Luk_13:24 — The Narrow Door

Luk_15:17-20 — The Return to the Father

Luk_16:10 — Faithfulness in Little Things

Luk_17:17 — Ingratitude

Luk_17:20-21 — The Coming of the Kingdom

Luk_17:20-21 — The Kingdom that is Within

Luk_19:10 — Cur Deus Homo

Luk_19:41-42 — The Impenitent City

Luk_21:19 — The Winning of the Soul

Luk_22:19 — In Remembrance

Luk_22:31-32 — Sifted as Wheat

Luk_24:32 — An Open Bible and a Burning Heart