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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Mark

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Mar_1:1 — The Beginning of the Gospel

Mar_1:12-13 — The Temptation

Mar_1:14-15 — A Model Sermon

Mar_2:27 — The Gift of the Sabbath

Mar_3:28-30 — An Eternal Sin

Mar_5:18-20 — Desire and Duty

Mar_6:3 — The Carpenter

Mar_6:31 — Retirement for Rest

Mar_7:37 — Admiration or Adoration

Mar_8:36-37 — A World for a Life

Mar_9:24 — Faith and Doubt

Mar_10:14 — The Little Children

Mar_10:21 — One Thing Thou Lackest

Mar_11:24 — Believe and Receive

Mar_12:29-31 — The Two Commandments

Mar_12:34 — Not Far from the Kingdom

Mar_12:41-44 — All that She Had

Mar_14:8 — A Ministering Woman and a Grateful Saviour

Mar_14:26 — When they had Sung a Hymn

Mar_14:36 — The Prayer in Gethsemane

Mar_14:38 — Watch and Pray

Mar_15:21 — Bearing Christ’s Cross

Mar_16:15 — Christ’s Commission to His Church

Mar_16:19 — The Crowned Saviour