Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Matthew

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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Matthew

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Mat_1:21 — The Name of Jesus

Mat_2:1-2 — The Magi

Mat_3:11 — The Two Baptisms

Mat_4:4 — A Question of Life

Mat_5:3 — The First Beatitude

Mat_5:8 — The Pure in Heart

Mat_5:13 — The Salt of the Earth

Mat_5:17 — A Conservative Reformer

Mat_6:9 — The Lord’s Prayer

Mat_6:33 — The First Things First

Mat_7:12 — The Golden Rule

Mat_7:13-14 — Choosing a Road

Mat_8:2-3 — The Leper

Mat_9:12 — The Physician

Mat_10:42 — The Ministry of Small Things

Mat_11:28 — The Great Invitation

Mat_11:29-30 — Rest under the Yoke

Mat_16:18 — My Church

Mat_16:19 — The Keys of the Kingdom

Mat_16:24 — The Cost of Discipleship

Mat_17:1-2 — The Transfiguration

Mat_19:16 — Eternal Life

Mat_20:28 — The Ministering Master

Mat_25:21 — The Good and Faithful Servant

Mat_25:40 — Unto Me

Mat_26:28 — The Blood of the Covenant

Mat_28:18-20 — Christ’s Parting Charge