Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Psalms

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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Psalms

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Psa_1:1 — The Man that is Blessed

Psa_4:4-5 — The Four Acts of Religion

Psa_4:8 — Rest after Toil

Psa_8:5 — The Greatness of Man

Psa_9:10 — Knowing and Trusting

Psa_16:5-6 — A Goodly Heritage

Psa_17:15 — The Vision of God

Psa_18:35 — God’s Gentleness and Man’s Greatness

Psa_19:7-9 — The Perfect Law

Psa_19:12 — Hidden Faults

Psa_21:3 — The Ministry of Surprise

Psa_23:1 — A Personal Providence

Psa_23:2-3 — Rest, Refreshment, Restoration

Psa_23:3 — Good Guidance

Psa_23:4 — The Valley of the Shadow

Psa_23:5 — Entertainment, Enjoyment, Enrichment

Psa_23:6 — Pursuit and Permanence

Psa_25:14 — The Secret of the Lord

Psa_27:14 — Waiting Courageously

Psa_30:5 — The Transience of Sorrow

Psa_31:8 — Room to Live

Psa_32:1-2 — The Beatitude of Forgiveness

Psa_32:8 — The Guiding Eye

Psa_34:8 — The Goodness of God

Psa_36:5-6 — God of Nature and God of Grace

Psa_36:9 — Life and Light

Psa_37:4 — Delighting in the Lord

Psa_65:11 — The Crowning of the Year

Psa_68:19 — The Burden-Bearing God

Psa_84:11 — A Sun and a Shield

Psa_90:1 — The Home of the Soul

Psa_90:12 — The Right Use of Time

Psa_91:1 — God’s Inner Circle

Psa_96:6 — Strength and Beauty

Psa_97:11 — Light and Gladness

Psa_103:1-5 — All His Benefits

Psa_103:13-14 — The Father’s Pity

Psa_104:23 — The Day’s Work

Psa_106:15 — Leanness of Soul

Psa_110:3 — A Volunteer Army

Psa_110:7 — The Brook in the Way

Psa_116:12-14 — What shall I Render?

Psa_118:24 — The Day which the Lord made

Psa_119:9 — The Clean Path

Psa_119:18 — The Wondrous Law

Psa_119:96 — Liberty in God’s Law

Psa_119:105 — The Light of God’s Word

Psa_119:130 — The Opening of God’s Word

Psa_121:1-2 — Help from beyond the Hills

Psa_121:8 — Guardianship in Daily Life

Psa_122:1 — The House of the Lord

Psa_126:6 — Sowing in Tears, Reaping in Joy

Psa_127:2 — The Gifts of Sleep

Psa_130:1 — De Profundis

Psa_133:1 — Unity

Psa_139:5 — The Encompassing God

Psa_139:23-24 — The Searcher of Hearts

Psa_145:16 — The Good Providence of God

Psa_147:3-4 — Tenderness and Power