Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Revelation

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Great Texts of the Bible by James Hastings - Revelation

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Verse Commentaries:


Rev_1:5-6 — Redeeming Love

Rev_1:7 — The Second Advent

Rev_1:10 — The Lord’s Day

Rev_1:17-18 — Fear Not

Rev_2:7 — The Tree of Life

Rev_2:10 — Fidelity and its Reward

Rev_2:17 — Victory and Intimacy

Rev_3:1 — A Dead and Alive Church

Rev_3:20 — The Waiting Guest

Rev_5:9 — An Opened Book and a New Song

Rev_7:9-10 — The Redeemed

Rev_7:14 — The Noble Army of Martyrs

Rev_7:17 — The Lamb as a Shepherd

Rev_11:15 — The Kingdom of our Lord

Rev_14:13 — The Dead in Christ

Rev_19:9 — The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Rev_20:12 — The Opening of the Books

Rev_21:1 — A New Heaven and a New Earth

Rev_21:1 — No More Sea

Rev_21:5 — God’s New World

Rev_21:27 — The Citizens of the City

Rev_22:3-4 — The Perfect Life

Rev_22:13 — The Alpha and the Omega

Rev_22:14 — The Privileges of the Blessed

Rev_22:16 — Christ’s Witness to Himself

Rev_22:17 — Come