James Hastings Dictionary of the NT: 01. List of Abbreviations

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James Hastings Dictionary of the NT: 01. List of Abbreviations

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I. General

Alex.    Alexandrian.

Apoc.    Apocalypse, Apocalyptic.

Apocr.   Apocrypha, Apocryphal.

Aq.      Aquila.

Arab.    Arabic.

Aram.    Aramaic.

Assyr.   Assyrian.

Bab.     Babylonian.

c.       circa, about.

Can.     Canaanite.

cf.      compare.

ct.      contrast.

D        Deuteronomist.

E        Elohist.

edd.     editions or editors.

Egyp.    Egyptian.

Eng.     English.

Eth.     Ethiopic.

f.       and following verse or page: as Act_10:34 f.

ff.      and following verses or pages: as Mat_11:28 ff.

Gr.      Greek.

H        Law of Holiness.

Heb.     Hebrew.

Hel.     Hellenistic.

Hex.     Hexateuch.

Isr.     Israelite.

J        Jahwist.

J″        Jehovah.

Jerus.   Jerusalem.

Jos.     Josephus.

LXX      Septuagint.

MSS      Manuscripts.

MT       Massoretic Text.

n.       note.

NT       New Testament.

Onk.     Onkelos.

OT       Old Testament.

P        Priestly Narrative.

Pal.     Palestine, Palestinian.

Pent.    Pentateuch.

Pers.    Persian.

Phil.    Philistine.

Phœn.     Phœnician.

Pr. Bk.  Prayer Book.

R        Redactor.

Rom.     Roman.

Sam.     Samaritan.

Sem.     Semitic.

Sept.    Septuagint.

Sin.     Sinaitic.

Symm.    Symmachus.

Syr.     Syriac.

Talm.    Talmud.

Targ.    Targum.

Theod.   Theodotion.

TR       Textus Receptus.

tr.      translate or translation

VSS      Versions.

Vulg.    Vulgate.

WH       Westcott and Hort’s text.

II. Books of the Bible

Old Testament

Gn       Genesis.

Ex       Exodus.

Lv       Leviticus.

Nu       Numbers.

Dt       Deuteronomy

Jos      Joshua.

Jg       Judges.

Ru       Ruth.

1 S, 2 S         1 and 2 Samuel.

1 K, 2 K         1 and 2 Kings.

1 Ch, 2 Ch       1 and 2 Chronicles

Ezr      Ezra.

Neh      Nehemiah.

Est      Esther.


Ps       Psalms.

Pr       Proverbs.

Ec       Ecclesiastes.

Ca       Canticles.

Is       Isaiah.

Jer      Jeremiah.

La       Lamentations

Ezk      Ezekiel.

Dn       Daniel.

Hos      Hosea.

Jl       Joel.

Am       Amos.

Ob       Obadiah.

Jon      Jonah.

Mic      Micah.

Nah      Nahum.

Hab      Habakkuk.

Zeph     Zephaniah.

Hag      Haggai.

Zec      Zechariah.

Mal      Malachi.


1 Es, 2 Es       1 and 2 Esdras.

Ad. Est  Additions to Esther.

Wis      Wisdom.

Sir      Sirach or Ecclesiasticus.

Bar      Baruch.

Three    Song of the Three Children.

To       Tobit.

Jth      Judith.

Sus      Susanna.

Bel      Bel and the Dragon.

Pr. Man  Prayer of Manasses.

1 Mac, 2 Mac     1 and 2 Maccabees.

New Testament

Mt       Matthew.

Mk       Mark.

Lk       Luke.

Jn       John.

Ac       Acts.

Ro       Romans.

1 Co, 2 Co       1 and 2 Corinthians.

Gal      Galatians.

Eph      Ephesians.

Ph       Philippians.

Col      Colossians.

1 Th, 2 Th       1 and 2 Thessalonians.

1 Ti, 2 Ti       1 and 2 Timothy.

Tit      Titus.

Philem   Philemon.

He       Hebrews.

Ja       James.

1 P, 2 P         1 and 2 Peter.

1 Jn, 2 Jn, 3 Jn         1, 2, and 3 John.


Rev      Revelation.

III. English Versions

Wyc.     Wyclif’s Bible (NT circa (about) 1380, OT circa (about) 1382, Purvey’s Revision circa (about) 1388).

Tind.    Tindale’s NT 1526 and 1534, Pent. [Note: Pentateuch.] 1530.

Cov.     Coverdale’s Bible 1535.

Matt. or Rog.    Matthew’s (i.e. prob. Rogers’) Bible 1537.

Cran. or Great   Cranmer’s ‘Great’ Bible 1539.

Tav.     Taverner’s Bible 1539.

Gen.     Geneva NT 1557, Bible 1560.

Bish.    Bishops’ Bible 1568.

Tom.     Tomson’s NT 1576.

Rhem.    Rhemish NT 1582.

Dou.     Douay OT 1609.

AV       Authorized Version 1611.

AVm      Authorized Version margin.

RV       Revised Version NT 1881, OT 1885.

RVm      Revised Version margin.

EV       Auth. and Rev. Versions.

IV. For the Literature

AHT      Ancient Hebrew Tradition.

AJSL     American Journal of Sem. [Note: Semitic.] Lang. and Literature.

AJTh     American Journal of Theology.

AT       Altes Testament.

BL       Bampton Lecture.

BM       British Museum.

BRP      Biblical Researches in Palestine.

CIG      Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum.

CIL      Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

CIS      Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum.

COT      Cuneiform Inscriptions and the OT.

DB       Dictionary of the Bible.

DCA      Dictionary of Christian Antiquities.

DRE      Dictionary of Religion and Ethics.

EBi      Encyclopaedia Bible.

EBr      Encyclopaedia Britannica.

EGT      Expositor’s Greek Testament.

EHH      Early History of the Hebrews.

ERE      Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics.

ExpT     Expository Times.

GAP      Geographie des alten Palästina.

GGA      Göttingische Gelehrte Anzeigen.

GGN      Nachrichten der königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen.

GJV      Geschichte des Jüdischen Volkes.

GVI      Geschichte des Volkes Israel.

HCM      Higher Criticism and the Monuments.

HE       Historia Ecclesiastica.

HGHL     Historical Geog. of Holy Land.

HI       History of Israel.

HJP      History of the Jewish People.

HPM      History, Prophecy, and the Monuments.

HPN      Hebrew Proper Names.

HWB      Handwörterbuch.

ICC      International Critical Commentary.

IJG      Israelitische und Jüdische Geschichte.

JBL      Journal of Biblical Literature.

JDTh     Jahrbücher für deutsche Theologie.

JQR      Jewish Quarterly Review.

JRAS     Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

JSL      Journal of Sacred Literature.

JThSt    Journal of Theological Studies.

KAT      Die Keilinschriften und das Alte Test.

KGF      Keilinschriften u. Geschichtsforschung.

KIB      Keilinschriftliche Bibliothek.

LB       The Land and the Book.

LCBl     Literarisches Centralblatt.

LOT      Introd. to the Literature of the Old Test.

MNDPV    Mittheilungen n. Nachrichten d. deutschen Pal. [Note: Palestine, Palestinian.] Vereins.

NHWB     Nenhebräisches Wörterbuch.

NKZ      Neue kirchliche Zeitschrift.

NTZG     Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte.

ON       Otium Norvicense.

OP       Origin of the Psalter.

OTJC     The Old Test. in the Jewish Church

PB       Polychrome Bible.

PEF      Palestine Exploration Fund.

PEFSt    Quarterly Statement of the same.

PSBA     Proceedings of Soc. of Bibl. Archaeology.

PRE      Real-Encyklopädie für protest. Theologie und Kirche.

QPB      Queen’s Printers’ Bible.

RB       Revue Biblique.

RE       Realencyklopädie.

REJ      Revue des Etudes Juives.

RP       Records of the Past.

RS       Religion of the Semites.

RWB      Realwörterbuch.

SBE      Sacred Books of the East.

SBOT     Sacred Books of Old Test.

SK or TSK        Theol. Studien und Kritiken.

SP       Sinai and Palestine.

SWP      Memoirs of the Survey of W. Palestine.

ThL or ThLZ      Theol. Literaturzeitung.

ThT      Theol. Tijdschrift.

TS       Texts and Studies.

TSBA     Transactions of Soc. of Bibl. Archaeology.

TU       Texte und Untersuchungen.

WAI      Western Asiatic Inscriptions.

WZKM     Wiener Zeitschrift für Kunde des Morgenlandes.

ZA       Zeitschrift für Assyriologie.

ZAW      Zeitschrift für die Alttest. Wissenschaft.

ZATW     Zeitschrift für die Alttest. Wissenschaft.

ZDMG     Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft.

ZDPV     Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins.

ZKSF     Zeitschrift für Keilschriftforschung.

ZKW or ZKWL      Zeitschrift für kirchliche Wissenschaft.

ZNTW     Zeitschrift für die Neutest. Wissenschaft.

ZThK     Zeitschrift f. Theologie u. Kirche.

A small superior number designates the particular edition of the work referred to: as KAT [Note: AT Die Keilinschriften und das Alte Test.] 2, LOT [Note: OT Introd. to the Literature of the Old Test.] 6.