Paul Kretzmann Commentary - Ezekiel 28:20 - 28:26

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Paul Kretzmann Commentary - Ezekiel 28:20 - 28:26

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Prophecy Against Zidon

v. 20. Again the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

v. 21. Son of man, set thy face against Zidon,
the other large city of Phoenicia, and formerly its capital, and prophesy against it

v. 22. and say, Thus saith the Lord God,
whose powerful rule extends over all the earth, Behold, I am against thee, O Zidon; and I will be glorified in the midst of thee, namely, by carrying out this sentence of judgment upon her; and they shall know that I am the Lord, the one true God, when I shall have executed judgments in her and shall be sanctified in her, her overthrow redounding to the setting forth of His holiness.

v. 23. For I will send into her pestilence and blood into her streets,
two of the three great scourges of war; and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her, the slain falling everywhere, by the sword upon her on every side; and they shall know that I am the Lord.

v. 24. And there shall be no more a pricking brier unto the house of Israel,
namely, by the continual temptation and offense which the people of Zidon gave to the Jews, nor any grieving thorn of all that are round about them, all the surrounding heathen nations, Cf Jos_23:13, that despised them, for it was on account of this contempt that the heathen first ensnared Israel in sin and then became the instrument of punishing them; and they shall know that I am the Lord God.

v. 25. Thus saith the Lord God,
in rounding out this section of His prophecy, When I shall have gathered the house of Israel from the people among whom they are scattered, in the Babylonian captivity, and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen, namely, by their repentant return to the true worship, then shall they dwell in their land that I have given to My servant Jacob.

v. 26. And they shall dwell safely therein,
in peace and security, and shall build houses and plant vineyards, as in times of perfect peace; yea, they shall dwell with confidence, in firm trust in the God of their salvation, when I have executed judgments upon all those that despise them round about them, by taking every advantage of them; and they shall know that I am the Lord, their God. The Messianic era was prepared, in a measure, by the return of the repentant Jews to the home of their fathers, and the Lord had His congregation in their midst from that time on; but the full realization of the tenor of these words did not come until the kingdom of the Messiah was established by the preaching of the Gospel of God's mercy by Jesus and by His apostles.