Paul Kretzmann Commentary - Lamentations 5:17 - 5:22

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Paul Kretzmann Commentary - Lamentations 5:17 - 5:22

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Plea for the Renewal of Jehovah's Love

v. 17. For this,
on account of the great afflictions, well deserved as they were, our heart is faint, with the bitterness of the soul's pain; for these things are our eyes dim, the sorrow of the heart finding its expression in tears.

v. 18. Because of the mountain of Zion,
where the Temple had formerly stood, which is desolate, the foxes walk upon it, jackals making their dens in its ruins. In the midst of all this sorrow, however, the hearts of the believers turn to the true source of comfort and consolation.

v. 19. Thou, O Lord, remainest forever,
sitting as the one true Monarch ruling the entire world; Thy throne from generation to generation, through all eternity.

v. 20. Wherefore dost Thou forget us forever and forsake us so long time?
That Jehovah should be so inclined is beyond the conception of the inspired poet; he firmly believes that the Lord will yet remember His mercy.

v. 21. Turn Thou us unto Thee, O Lord,
by a true conversion, which is the work of the Lord alone, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old, restoring them to their position as His children, as His Church, as in former times.

v. 22. But,
or "Unless," Thou hast utterly rejected us; Thou art very wroth against us. It is hardly plausible that God's anger is so excessively great as to cause Him to shut out His repentant children forever. Thus the song of supplication, the prayer for mercy, ends with a statement of assurance, which hopes for a speedy fulfillment of its desire. Herein it is a model prayer for all times; for in the very midst of misery and affliction the believers are bound still to trust in the compassion of their heavenly Father.