James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Corinthians

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James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Corinthians

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Verse Commentaries:

1Co_1:4-8        The Testimony of Christ Confirmed

1Co_1:6  The Witness Concerning Christ

1Co_1:8  Unto the End

1Co_1:11-13      The Universal Christ

1Co_1:18 (r.v.)  The Word of the Cross

1Co_1:18         The Religion of Redemption

1Co_1:22-23      A Message for Jew and Greek

1Co_1:23         The Mission and Message of the Church

1Co_1:23         The Power of the Cross

1Co_1:23         The ‘Foolishness’ of Preaching

1Co_1:24         The Wisdom of the Cross

1Co_1:24         Power and Wisdom

1Co_1:30         Christian Sanctity

1Co_2:2  St. Paul’s Resolution

1Co_2:9-10       The Relation of the Seen to the Unseen

1Co_2:9-10       The Future Life

1Co_2:12         The Spirit of Promise

1Co_2:15         Spiritual Judgment

1Co_3:6  Christian Unity

1Co_3:9  Sanctified for Service

1Co_3:9  God and the Soul

1Co_3:11         The Church’s One Foundation

1Co_3:11         A Sure Foundation

1Co_3:13         Tested by Fire

1Co_3:16         The Temple of God

1Co_3:16         The Power of the Indwelling Spirit

1Co_3:16         The Subjection of the Body

1Co_3:17         ‘Which Temple Ye Are’

1Co_3:17         The Call to Separation

1Co_4:1  The Christian Ministry

1Co_4:1  Clergy and People

1Co_4:2  The Whole Duty of a Steward

1Co_4:5  ‘Judgment is Mine’

1Co_4:5  The Lord’s Coming

1Co_4:7  Equality and Inequality

1Co_5:6  The Effect of a Little Leaven

1Co_5:7  Christ and the Passover

1Co_5:8  The Feast of Joy

1Co_6:11         Living Miracles

1Co_6:11         Three Steps to Heaven

1Co_6:19         The Sacredness of the Body

1Co_6:19         Divine Ownership

1Co_6:20         On Glorifying God

1Co_6:20         Religious Use of the Body

1Co_7:20         Our Calling

1Co_7:29         ‘Brief Life is Here our Portion’

1Co_7:29         Time and Eternity

1Co_7:31         The Passing World

1Co_8:1  The More Excellent Gift

1Co_8:1  Love Buildeth Up

1Co_9:14         The Support of the Ministry

1Co_9:20-23      Comprehensive Christianity

1Co_9:24         The Heavenly Race

1Co_9:24         The Race of Life

1Co_9:24         Rules of the Race

1Co_9:24         ‘So Run’

1Co_9:25         Self-Restraint

1Co_9:25         The Incorruptible Crown

1Co_9:25         Character and Service

1Co_9:25         ‘The Christian’s Reward’

1Co_9:25         The Crown

1Co_9:26         Vague Running: Ineffective Fighting

1Co_9:26         The Race and the Battle

1Co_9:26         A Plea for Definiteness

1Co_10:1-5       Privilege and Responsibility

1Co_10:4         The Spiritual Rock

1Co_10:4         The Rock of Ages

1Co_10:10        Against Murmuring

1Co_10:12        The Christian’s Warning

1Co_10:13        Temptation

1Co_10:13        A Way to Escape

1Co_10:15        Words to the Wise

1Co_10:16        Communion with Christ

1Co_10:31        Christian Life

1Co_10:31        The Paramount Claim of Religion

1Co_10:31        Religion and Recreation

1Co_11:10        The Female Head-dress

1Co_11:11        The Dignity of Womanhood

1Co_11:26        ‘Till He Come’

1Co_11:26        The Holy Eucharist

1Co_11:26        The Lord’s Death

1Co_11:28        Self-Examination

1Co_11:31        Self-Judgment

1Co_12:1         Spiritual Gifts

1Co_12:2         A Retrospect

1Co_12:3         The Unfolding of the Divine Revelation

1Co_12:3         The Holy Ghost the Inspirer of Faith

1Co_12:4         New Needs—New Methods

1Co_12:4-6       Three and One

1Co_12:7         The Right Use of God’s Gifts

1Co_12:18 (r.v.)         Church Reform

1Co_13:2         The More Excellent Way

1Co_13:4-7       Christian Love

1Co_13:5         Good Manners

1Co_13:12        Present and Future Vision

1Co_13:13        The Supremacy of Love

1Co_13:13        Spiritual Assets

1Co_14:15        Faith and Science

1Co_14:20        Babes, Yet Men

1Co_14:20        Childlike Qualities

1Co_14:26        Words to the Laity

1Co_15:1         The Gospel

1Co_15:10        A Fact and a Warning

1Co_15:10; 1Co_15:58     ‘Not In Vain’

1Co_15:10        The Call for Service

1Co_15:11        The Heart of the Gospel

1Co_15:14        The Dilemma

1Co_15:14        The Certainty of the Resurrection

1Co_15:14        The Need of an Objective Propitiation

1Co_15:19        The Argument of Common Sense

1Co_15:19        The Destruction of Hope

1Co_15:20        He is Risen

1Co_15:24        The End

1Co_15:35        The Resurrection Body

1Co_15:41-42     Degrees of Condition

1Co_15:44        The Future Life

1Co_15:52        The Change

1Co_15:54        Victory!

1Co_15:57        A Song of Triumph

1Co_16:9         Open Doors and Adversaries

1Co_16:13        Watching for Duties

1Co_16:13        Sources of Spiritual Strength

1Co_16:13        Manliness and Strength

1Co_16:13        Strength of Spirit

1Co_16:13-14     The Church’s Position

1Co_16:13-14     Strength and Tenderness

1Co_16:22        Christian Unity