James Nisbet Commentary - 1 John

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James Nisbet Commentary - 1 John

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Verse Commentaries:

1Jn_1:2-3 (r.v.)         Message of the Church

1Jn_1:3  The Indwelling God

1Jn_1:3  Fellowship with Christ

1Jn_1:4  Fulness of Joy

1Jn_1:7  Light as the Emblem of Truth

1Jn_1:7  Walking in the Light

1Jn_1:7  Holiness and the Atonement

1Jn_1:8-9        Confession and Forgiveness

1Jn_2:1-2        The Atonement

1Jn_2:1-2        Comfortable Words

1Jn_2:1  Our Advocate

1Jn_2:2  Propitiation

1Jn_2:15         What is the World?

1Jn_2:15         ‘Love not the World’

1Jn_2:20; 1Jn_2:27       The Anointing

1Jn_3:1-2        What We Are and What We Shall Be

1Jn_3:2  Certainty and Uncertainty

1Jn_3:2  Knowledge and Ignorance

1Jn_3:2  Sonship

1Jn_3:2  The Mystery of the Future

1Jn_3:2  The Future All Unknown

1Jn_3:2  The Manifestation of the Sons of God

1Jn_3:3  The Hope of the Advent

1Jn_3:3  The Incentive to Holiness

1Jn_3:3  Holiness of Heart and Life

1Jn_3:5  Why Christ Came

1Jn_3:6  Steadiness of Growth

1Jn_3:6  Abiding in Christ

1Jn_3:8  The Destruction of Evil Works

1Jn_3:8  Sin and its Conqueror

1Jn_3:14         Love to Christ’s Brethren

1Jn_3:14         A Test for Self-Examination

1Jn_3:14         From Death to Life

1Jn_3:15         The Sin of Hatred

1Jn_3:16         The Love of God in Christ

1Jn_3:16 (r.v.)  The Cross and Suffering

1Jn_3:19-21      The Voice of Conscience

1Jn_3:19-21      Ground of Assurance

1Jn_3:23         The Union of Faith and Love

1Jn_4:2  The Incarnation and the Inner Life

1Jn_4:4  The Triumph of Greatness

1Jn_4:7 (r.v.)   ‘Love is of God’

1Jn_4:8  ‘God is Love’

1Jn_4:8  Difficulties Answered

1Jn_4:9  Love Manifested

1Jn_4:9  The Incarnation

1Jn_4:11         Reflected Love

1Jn_4:16         Love’s Crown

1Jn_4:18         Love and Fear

1Jn_4:19         God’s Love and Man’s Response

1Jn_4:19         The Christian Revelation

1Jn_4:20         Love to Men

1Jn_4:21         God’s Love for the Individual Soul

1Jn_5:3  The Test of Love

1Jn_5:3  The Easy Yoke

1Jn_5:4  Sonship and Victory

1Jn_5:4  The Victory of Faith

1Jn_5:4  The Conquest of the World

1Jn_5:10         The Witness Within and the Witness Without

1Jn_5:11         Eternal Life

1Jn_5:12         The Source of Christian Life