James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Peter

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James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Peter

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Verse Commentaries:

1Pe_1:2  Election

1Pe_1:3  The Gospel of the Resurrection

1Pe_1:3  The Festival of Hope

1Pe_1:5  In His Keeping

1Pe_1:8  The Life of Faith

1Pe_1:8  Faith compelling Love

1Pe_1:8  A Test of the Christian Life

1Pe_1:12         Light from Darkness

1Pe_1:13         Coming Grace

1Pe_1:13         The Hope of the Advent

1Pe_1:14         Christian Obedience

1Pe_1:16         Personal Holiness

1Pe_1:17         Sojourning in Fear

1Pe_1:24-25      The Abiding Word

1Pe_2:4-5        St. Peter and the Church

1Pe_2:5 (r.v.)   Living Stones

1Pe_2:7  The Preciousness of Christ

1Pe_2:9 (r.v.)   The Highest of all Vocations

1Pe_2:11         Fleshly Lusts

1Pe_2:15         Foolish Men Silenced

1Pe_2:16         Christ’s Free-men

1Pe_2:16         Freedom, Submission, and Service

1Pe_2:16         Liberty in Service

1Pe_2:16         The Ambition of Life

1Pe_2:17         A Rule of Life

1Pe_2:17         Mutual Regard

1Pe_2:17         Brotherhood

1Pe_2:17         The Attitude of Brotherhood

1Pe_2:21         Natural Failings and Special Graces

1Pe_2:21-23      The Purpose of the Incarnation

1Pe_2:21-23      Christ our Example

1Pe_2:21-25      The Exalted Christ

1Pe_2:25         Shepherd and Sheep

1Pe_3:4  The True Woman

1Pe_3:8-9        The Christian Spirit

1Pe_3:10         Is Life Worth Living?

1Pe_3:11         The Blessings of Peace

1Pe_3:11         Searching for Peace

1Pe_3:14         Suffering, yet Happy

1Pe_3:15 (r.v.)  Reasons for Faith

1Pe_3:15 (r.v.)  The Authority for the Christian Faith

1Pe_3:15         The Lord and the Heart

1Pe_3:22         The Ascended Lord

1Pe_4:7  Preparing for the End

1Pe_4:7  Prayer and Sober-mindedness

1Pe_4:7  Christian Expectation

1Pe_4:8  Intense Charity

1Pe_4:8  The Greatest of These

1Pe_4:10         The Edification of the Church

1Pe_4:7-11       The Coming of the Kingdom

1Pe_4:12 (r.v.)  The Problem of Pain

1Pe_4:13         Fellowship in Suffering

1Pe_4:15-16      The Twofold Nature of Suffering

1Pe_4:19         Suffering according to the Will of God

1Pe_5:2  The Oversight of the Flock

1Pe_5:4  A Message for Workers

1Pe_5:5  The Virtue of Humility

1Pe_5:5  The Christian Garment

1Pe_5:5  Humility False and True

1Pe_5:7  The Remedy for Care

1Pe_5:7  God’s Individual Care

1Pe_5:7  The Burden and the Burden Bearer

1Pe_5:8-9        The Personality of Evil

1Pe_5:8-9        The Need of Watchfulness

1Pe_5:8-9        Danger and Safety

1Pe_5:10         Steps towards Perfection

1Pe_5:10         Suffering and its Results

1Pe_5:10         Remedial Punishments

1Pe_5:13         St. Mark