James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Samuel

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James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Samuel

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Verse Commentaries:

1Sa_1:27         The Child of Godly Parents

1Sa_2:12-26      ‘Look on this Picture and on that’

1Sa_2:26         In Favour with God and Men

1Sa_3:1  God’s Voice

1Sa_4:21         The Ark—no Defence

1Sa_5:7  The Fish-God

1Sa_6:4  The Talismans

1Sa_7:12         The Stone of Help

1Sa_8:4-8        Wanted—a King!

1Sa_9:2  The King after Man’s Heart

1Sa_10:26        Hearts Divinely Touched

1Sa_11:6         Courage and Forbearance

1Sa_12:20        The Only Way to National Prosperity

1Sa_12:24        A Forgotten Duty

1Sa_13:1         The End of a Young Man of Promise

1Sa_14:12        A Real Hero

1Sa_15:1         A Shipwrecked Life

1Sa_15:20-21     Truth in the Inward Parts

1Sa_16:11        Israel’s Second King

1Sa_17:28        An Unbrotherly Brother

1Sa_17:37        The Faith of Experience

1Sa_18:5; 1Sa_18:14-15   A Wise Young King

1Sa_19:24        In Unlikely Company

1Sa_20:17        ‘My Familiar Friend’

1Sa_20:42        The Best of Friends must Part

1Sa_21:8-9       Goliath’s Sword

1Sa_22:1         The Cave of Adullam

1Sa_23:12; 1Sa_23:14     ‘In Perils among False Brethren’

1Sa_24:13        Magnanimity

1Sa_26:11        Kingly Behaviour

1Sa_28:15        In the Witch’s Cave

1Sa_31:8         A Tragic End