James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Thessalonians

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James Nisbet Commentary - 1 Thessalonians

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Verse Commentaries:

1Th_1:5  The Powerful Gospel

1Th_1:9-10       Waiting for the Son from Heaven

1Th_2:10         The Power of a Christian Life

1Th_3:2  The Established Christian Character

1Th_3:9  Christian Joy

1Th_3:12         Christian Love

1Th_3:12         Increasing and Abounding

1Th_4:1  To Please God

1Th_4:3  God’s Will for the Christian

1Th_4:3  Holiness

1Th_4:4  Sanctification and Honour

1Th_4:4  Keeping the Body

1Th_4:9  Brotherly Love

1Th_4:10-11      Quiet Work

1Th_4:13         The Communion of Saints

1Th_4:14         Reunion in Eternity

1Th_4:16         Himself!

1Th_4:17         Words of Comfort

1Th_5:15         The Golden Rule

1Th_5:17         A Christian’s Duty

1Th_5:17         Thoughts about Prayer

1Th_5:19         Quenching the Spirit

1Th_5:21         The Duty of Inquiry

1Th_5:23         Wholly Sanctified

1Th_5:23         Three in One

1Th_5:24         What God Does

1Th_5:24         Perseverance

1Th_5:24         The Call to Missionary Service

1Th_5:24         The Faithfulness of God

1Th_5:28         A Great Wish