James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Chronicles

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James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Chronicles

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Verse Commentaries:

2Ch_1:7  Youth’s Opportunity

2Ch_12:8         Easy or Galling Yoke?

2Ch_13:2         Unbrotherly Warfare

2Ch_14:2         Good King Asa

2Ch_14:11        King Asa’s Prayer

2Ch_15:2; 2Ch_15:12      Covenant God—Covenant People

2Ch_16:9         The Omniscient Helper

2Ch_17:3         A Happy Reign

2Ch_19:2         Be ye Separate!

2Ch_20:3         A Good King at His Best

2Ch_20:12        A Word to the Discouraged

2Ch_21:20        ‘Unwept, Unhonoured, and Unsung’

2Ch_22:3         A Bad Mother

2Ch_23:3         Jehoiada the Heroic Priest

2Ch_24:2         Parasitical Piety

2Ch_24:22        A Hebrew and a Christian Martyrdom

2Ch_25:9         Counting the Cost

2Ch_26:5         A Grand Epitaph

2Ch_27:6         The Secret of Spiritual Strength

2Ch_28:22        King Ahaz

2Ch_29:3         Reverence for God’s House

2Ch_30:5         A Notable Passover Feast

2Ch_33:9; 2Ch_33:12      Godless and Godly

2Ch_33:20-25     A Royal Trio

2Ch_36:16        The Captivity of Judah

2Ch_36:16        Divine Patience Exhausted