James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Corinthians

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James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Corinthians

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Verse Commentaries:

2Co_1:9-10       Trust

2Co_1:12         ‘The Testimony of Our Conscience’

2Co_1:19         ‘In Him Was Yea’

2Co_1:20         An Affirmative Life

2Co_1:24         ‘Helpers of Your Joy’

2Co_2:11         Satan’s Devices

2Co_2:14         The Triumph of Love

2Co_2:16         Man’s Insufficiency

2Co_3:3  Living Epistles

2Co_3:5  The Christian Ministry

2Co_3:6  The ‘Able’ or ‘Sufficient’ Minister

2Co_3:6  The Law and the Gospel

2Co_3:6  Death and Life

2Co_3:7-11       Law and Gospel Compared

2Co_3:14         Old Testament Scriptures

2Co_3:17         Christian Liberty

2Co_3:17         The Limits of Liberty

2Co_3:17         ‘Perfect Freedom’

2Co_3:18         Reflecting Christ

2Co_4:3  The Hidden Gospel

2Co_4:4  The Glorious Gospel

2Co_4:5  Christ First

2Co_4:5  Your Servants for Jesus’ Sake

2Co_4:6  The Face of Jesus Christ

2Co_4:7  Treasure in Earthen Vessels

2Co_4:10         The Marks of a Christian

2Co_4:10         The Dying of the Lord Jesus

2Co_4:17-18      An Estimate of Suffering

2Co_4:17-18      The Witness of the Saints

2Co_4:17-18      Profile or Full Face

2Co_4:18         Personal Experience

2Co_5:8  Home at Last

2Co_5:10         The Christian at the Judgment Seat

2Co_5:14         Constraining Love

2Co_5:14         Missionary Service

2Co_5:14         True Religion

2Co_5:15         The Summing-up of Life

2Co_5:17         A New Creation

2Co_5:21         ‘Substitution’

2Co_6:1  Effective Service

2Co_6:1  Co-operation

2Co_6:1  Opportunity and Responsibility

2Co_6:1  Reality in Religion

2Co_6:1  Take Heed

2Co_6:2  The Acceptable Time

2Co_6:6  The Holy Ghost

2Co_6:10         God’s Instruments

2Co_7:4  Joy in Tribulation

2Co_7:9-10       The Nature of True Repentance

2Co_8:8  An Apostle Pleading for Liberality in Giving

2Co_8:12         God’s Estimate of a Willing Mind

2Co_9:10 (r.v.)  The Seed and Its Lessons

2Co_9:15         The Unspeakable Gift

2Co_9:15         The Gift of the Saviour

2Co_10:4         Christian Warfare

2Co_10:14-16     Concerning the Collection

2Co_11:3         Christian Simplicity

2Co_11:23        St. Paul’s Sufferings

2Co_11:30        A Paradox

2Co_12:2         Life in Christ

2Co_12:8-9       The ‘Thorn in the Flesh’

2Co_12:9         Strength in Weakness

2Co_12:14        A Personal Work

2Co_13:5         Personal Experience

2Co_13:8         Co-operation in the Truth

2Co_13:9 (r.v.)  Christian Perfection

2Co_13:14        A Threefold Benediction

2Co_13:14        The Work of the Trinity

2Co_13:14        Our Fellowship

2Co_13:14        The Knowledge of God

2Co_13:14        The Apostolic Benediction