James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Peter

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James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Peter

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2Pe_1:4  Things Precious

2Pe_1:4  Exceeding Great and Precious Promises

2Pe_1:4  A Great Inheritance

2Pe_1:5-7        Practical Christian Life

2Pe_1:19         Prophecy the Guide to Christ

2Pe_1:19         The Coming Dawn

2Pe_1:19         The Day Star

2Pe_1:21         How the Scriptures were Written

2Pe_2:8  The Warning from Lot

2Pe_3:12         Hasting the Day

2Pe_3:13 (r.v.)  Christianity and the Future

2Pe_3:17         Falling Away

2Pe_3:18         Growth in Grace and Knowledge

2Pe_3:18         Christian Growth

2Pe_3:18         Means of Growth

2Pe_3:18         The Grace of Christ