James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Thessalonians

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James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Thessalonians

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2Th_1:10         A Promise

2Th_1:10-11 (r.v.)       A Prayer

2Th_2:1  Around Whom We Gather

2Th_2:1  The Second Coming

2Th_2:1  Mystery Met by Faith

2Th_2:3  The Spirit of Antichrist

2Th_2:3  The Man of Sin

2Th_3:1-2        A Ministerial Request

2Th_3:1-2        The Man and His Message

2Th_3:5  Unfathomable Love

2Th_3:5  Patient Waiting

2Th_3:10         Gambling

2Th_3:10         A Righteous Condition

2Th_3:13         Without Weariness