James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Timothy

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James Nisbet Commentary - 2 Timothy

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Verse Commentaries:

2Ti_1:6-7        A Spirit of Courage

2Ti_1:6-7        The Spirit of Cowardice

2Ti_1:10         The Living and the Dead

2Ti_1:10         The Last Enemy

2Ti_1:10         A Festival of Joy

2Ti_1:10 (r.v.)  Life and Incorruption

2Ti_1:12         Doctrine and Life

2Ti_1:12         Faith and Knowledge

2Ti_1:12         Faith and its Object

2Ti_1:12         Christian Confidence

2Ti_1:14         The Church and its Faith

2Ti_2:1  Strengthening Grace

2Ti_2:3  The War of the Lord

2Ti_2:3  Qualities of a Good Soldier

2Ti_2:3  Military Life

2Ti_2:4  Against Entanglements

2Ti_2:5  Self-mastery

2Ti_2:8  Remember Jesus Christ

2Ti_2:8  The Tendency to Forget

2Ti_2:8  When and How

2Ti_2:9  The Bible

2Ti_2:13         Unchanging Faithfulness

2Ti_2:15         God’s Workmen

2Ti_2:15         The Spirit of Work

2Ti_2:19         Privilege and Duty

2Ti_3:14-15      Bible Teaching

2Ti_3:15         A Good Character

2Ti_3:15         The Child and the Book

2Ti_3:15         A Guide-Book for Eternity

2Ti_3:16         What Inspiration is not

2Ti_3:16         Why we Believe in Inspiration

2Ti_3:16         The Human and the Divine

2Ti_3:16         Why the Bible was Written

2Ti_4:1-2        Preach the Word!

2Ti_4:5  A Fourfold Charge

2Ti_4:6  Ready to be Offered

2Ti_4:7  Keeping the Faith

2Ti_4:8  The Love of Christ’s Appearing

2Ti_4:11         St. Luke the Evangelist

2Ti_4:11         St. Mark

2Ti_4:11         St. Mark’s Career and Character

2Ti_4:17         The Lord’s Presence