James Nisbet Commentary - Amos

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James Nisbet Commentary - Amos

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Verse Commentaries:

Amo_1:1  The Message of Amos

Amo_2:12         Giving Wine to the Nazarite

Amo_3:2  Contempt of Spiritual Privileges Punished

Amo_3:3  A Pair of Friends

Amo_4:12         ‘Preparation to meet God’

Amo_5:8  The Revelation of God

Amo_5:14-15      Seeking Good, and Hating Evil

Amo_6:1  ‘At Ease in Zion’

Amo_6:6  Social Indifferentists

Amo_7:5  Weakness and Strength

Amo_7:15         Taken into Fellowship

Amo_8:11         The Uses of Adversity

Amo_9:9  The Garnering of the Least Grain

Amo_9:13         The Continuity of Harvest